I really need someone else

When I was in college, I rented a room from this lovely, little old lady named Betty. Betty was definitely lonely, but real sweet.  She basically mothered me. The rent was cheap and the locale was perfect for me. I certainly would have continued living with Betty beyond college if it was not for the heating. Since Betty was elderly, her circulation was not so good. So the little old lady would crank her heating up to the maximum capacity.   Her house was typically around 85 degrees all year. What made it even more challenging was that I lived in her attic . The heated air would rise up and my room became intolerably hot. In the Winter, my apartment was often upwards of 100 degrees. I spent the Winter wearing nothing but my underwear and even opened all of my windows. In the Summer, I was forced to purchase numerous window air conditioners. Every window in my apartment had an air conditioner unit installed in it. I still was unable to combat the heat. I am fairly sure that Betty had access to free gas too. So why not crank the thermostat up at every opportunity?  It didn’t cost her anything. Meanwhile, I spent a fortune on electricity, running my many air conditioners. The weather outside never mattered to Betty. No matter the season, no matter the outside temperature or humidity, the heating system would be pumping out hot air. While I enjoyed my low rent and loved Betty, the heating eventually got to me.

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