Getting the thermostat on the wall

A lot of people struggle with the concept of saving, planning or preparing for the future. Some people see the days to come as only that, and live for today.  Fortunately, my fiance and I will not be functioning like that. We believe that much of what all of us do is intended to help ourselves in the future. Doing things like buying bulk quantities of stuff you know you’ll use, for example, is a great way to keep costs down while grocery shopping.  We also try to be proactive about cleaning our grill in preparation for the warm season. We know that cooking outdoors and not heating the home up with the kitchen stove, is a good way to same some money. Furthermore my fiance and I recently decided it was time to trade in our old plastic thermostat that came with our furnace. We had heard from friends that programmable thermostats can truly help you have some savings on your electric bill.  We figured what did we have to lose and decided to give it a try. We found a reputable model at the huge hardware superstore for about $50, which my fiance and I thought was a pretty good deal. When we got home with our new thermostat it was time to get started. The first thing we did was shut off the power to the old thermostat and took it off the wall. Mounting the bracket for the new thermostat was fairly simple, and the new thermostat slid right on, after reading through the instruction manual, my fiance and I were able to set the thermostat to turn down the heat while we were at work and then come on just before we would get home, and also to run just a little warmer at night. Within a few month’s time, my fiance and I saw a considerable difference in our power bill! We were ecstatic to see such a payoff so soon. We know we will eventually need some work on the Heating and A/C unit itself, but this was a great beginning for reducing usage and giving the while system a break.

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