We’re all cool now

Do you know what one of my biggest pet peeves is? It’s the frustrating feeling when you’re at a friend’s home and their AC unit is turned all the way up. I don’t like feeling cold enough to see my breathe when the air outside is hotter than ever. It seems no matter how many mounds of blankets I am snuggled into I still shiver. It’s flabbergasting, because I don’t understand how people can keep their home so cold. I also don’t get how they are able to sleep sound at night, let alone at all. I’m not sure they realize that body temperatures drop when they’re fast asleep. What this means is with the air-conditioned frost bombarding the home, their bodies have to put twice the work in, to keep them at a comfortable temperature.


I hope I can offer this advice without appearing rude, but it seems like it would be wise to invest in a thermostat. This way temperature, however maybe they are afraid that without the a/c blasting, their lake house would get hot legitimately suddenly, then however, with a thermostat they can be assured that their lake house will regularly be comfortably cool however not in an Arctic-like way, and additionally, they are not allowing respected fresh air circulation into their home. They’re always breathing recycled, cold air. If you have to always wear layers in your lake house in the middle of Summer just because your a/c machine is legitimately high, something is wrong. At least I do not have to live in such a cold domicile. I can open the door to my apartment only to be welcomed by the comforting coolness not an overdosed use of cold temperature.

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