I’m happy with my air conditioner

My very best friend is a handyman, so I always have someone to call when I need assistance around the house, but before I knew him I was always in a jam when something went wrong.  Seriously, he can do anything! In the past he’s replaced boards on our deck, cut down old trees, plus even repaired our Heating & Air Conditioning unit. The Heating & Air Conditioning unit repair was a huge help and without him I would have had to call a technician who actually would have charged me an arm and a leg to get it running again.  I do my best to take care of our a/c by keeping my filter changed plus cleaning the coils too, but still, it’s impossible to totally predict when a cooling unit is going to start acting out. When I found out that it wasn’t running, I called our friend at the last hour. He didn’t even hesitate to come out. In only about thirty minutes he had pinpointed the problem.  He knew it was linked to our compressor, plus in just a minute he had it fixed plus running again! I was so impressed, so to thank him I took him out to dinner. He refused to let me pay him, although I had to thank him somehow. I never really realized just how helpful knowing someone with skills like that could be, although he certainly has gotten myself and others out of a lot of issues. His comprehension of carpentry to a/cs is undoubtedly impressive, plus I will not ever be able to repay him for all of the times he has helped myself and others over the many years.

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