Creating a vacuum seal

A few weeks ago our husband and I strolled into a beach house for sale, not knowing exactly what to expect… We’ve already been searching for a current beach house for several weeks, and the prospects haven’t built confidence so far; It was straightforward to become depressed and defeated before even going in the doorway of the current property, and the people I was with and I were particularly feeling hopeless as the people I was with and I entered the foyer that morning. To our utter amazement, the beach house was everything the people I was with and I was desperately hoping for! For once, the listing was accurate and affordable, and the people I was with and I were getting a fine aura from this substantial brick home… As the people I was with and I explored the upstairs, I saw something that cheered  myself and others even more than the wonderful balcony, updated dining room, and tongue and groove floors… a whole beach house fan! You may not have ever encountered a whole beach house fan before, but trust myself and others when we say that they are totally useful. I fondly grew up with this effective ventilation method, and have never seen another enormous whole beach house fan ever since the people I was with and I moved out of our childhood beach house 5 years ago. When the people I was with and I entered the top floor and I caught a glimpse of the flat ventilation panels in the ceiling, I shrieked with joy. “Do you believe what this is?!” I questioned our husband. He didn’t, and I gushed about the ventilation mechanism and it’s amazing ability to pull in fresh outdoor air from every window and doorway at 1 time. This process effectively freshens the house, providing cool and natural outdoor air with a downside pressure vacuum it creates. I was so stoked up about this hidden treasure that I was ready to jump the gun, making an offer on the  beach house right then and there. It was only after the people I was with and I flipped the switch, and realized the whole beach house fan wasn’t easily connected to a power source, that I settled back down.

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