My beach house is a bit of an issue

I worked in retail for five years.  It wasn’t a exhausting job and I did get amazing discounts on clothes and shoes, what youngsters wouldn’t love that?  I certainly ran our own department which I loved. Actually, now that I am thinking about it the only thing I didn’t enjoy about the certainly working at this job was their heating and cooling system.  The store I worked in was a small shop, but it was also a chain of stores run by a single family. The owners were unquestionably stingy when it came to money. They wanted complete control over everything, especially the heating and cooling system.  They refused to all the heat to be turned up higher than 75, and the cooling system wasn’t allowed to go past 71. Does that make any sense to you? It didn’t to us. If we wanted to turn the heat up we had to call the owner to get permission to adjust the thermostat.  I live in a major snow belt section where while we were in the Winter season we often experience strong winds, and sub zero temps. The store was constantly chilly cold. We could even spend our shift running around putting out current shipments and helping our clients and we would still be chilly.  Our clients would even complain about the temperature settings in the store because they too felt the store was too chilly. When our supervisor called to ask permission to adjust the thermostat he simply told her that was unnecessary. Did I mention he lives in the south and he has no concept of what a northeastern Winter season is truly like?

A/C tune-up 

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