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I believe that an air conditioner is one of those appliances that is worth being passionate about.  Your air conditioner is responsible for the comfort of your home, and it helps with the cleanliness of the air we breathe.  When I was living in apartments, I didn’t give much thought to the air conditioning. The AC was there to help me to stay cool.  When I bought my own home, I began to realize just how important it was to not just my comfort but to my health. I didn’t give a thought to changing the air filters or cleaning the air ducts.  AFter a few months in my home, I began to see a lot of dust in the air, and I was suffering with allergy symptoms. Over a month went by, and the situation was just getting worse. I then remembered an article I had read about the air filters needing to be changed.  I figured out how to change the air filters, and I started to breathe better. I was convinced that it was the air conditioning that was contributing to my air quality. I looked online to find out more about air quality, and they kept mentioning air purifiers that could be used with the air conditioner.  The more I read, the easier it seemed to be, for me to install my own air purifier. I made it a mission to not just purchase an air purifier, but to install it into my air conditioning. It took about and hour to have air purifier installed, and now, whenever I run my AC, the air purifier is also running to help keep the air in my home cool and clean.  I am breathing much better and there is virtually no dust in my house.

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