I’m an expecting mother

When I found I was pregnant with our first child, I wanted to do everything I could to ensure he would be growing up in a safe, healthy home. When I started doing some research, I was able to find out that the air inside our quarters can be even dirtier & more contaminated than the air outside. I made a decision to get an air quality monitor to make sure I could give our baby the cleanest possible air. The results of the initial air sample actually was very surprising to me, and not only were there a lot of allergens being circulated through our home via our air ducts, however there were nauseating levels of carbon dioxide! I called a licensed Heating & A/C specialist to come look into what I could do to improve the air in our household. The Heating & A/C specialist told me that I needed to have our air ducts & vents cleaned at a minimum of twice a year, & that I should be switching out our air filter once a month. I couldn’t possibly know how much I had neglected our Heating & A/C system! But our Heating & A/C specialist came to our rescue again, & told me that I should enroll in a program provided by his Heating & A/C dealer. The program would give me access to twice-annual air duct cleaning, & enroll me in an automatic ordering for more air filters. Now, air filters are automatically sent to our household on the first of every month. Now, I can sleep easy knowing that our baby will be breathing perfectly clean air thanks to our sanitary Heating & A/C system! If I could give a single piece of advice to expecting moms, it would be to have your Heating & A/C systems checked thoroughly before the arrival of your newborn baby!

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