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One of the most important appliances to have in your home, in my opinion, is the air conditioner.  Most people have no idea just how important their air conditioner is. I didn’t have a notion how much the air conditioning really did, while I lived in my apartment.  I really could have cared less. It wasn’t until I got my own home that I started to think about things like the air conditioning. That’s when I read some articles about air conditioning.  They were saying about the importance of changing the air filters and cleaning the coils. That’s when I began to see all of the dust that was floating in the house. I wanted to find out how to change the air filters, and when I went online, it seemed like a very simple process.  The way I was reading, the air conditioning didn’t just cool the home, but it helped to improve the air quality in the house. I then read about an air purification system that was installed right into the air conditioning unit. Now I was curious about how hard it would be to install the air purifier.  It seemed like a fairly simple procedure, so I went to the home store and I purchased a home air purification system. I took it home, and it took me about an hour, but I finally had it installed in the air conditioning. Now I know, that every time my air conditioner turns on, my air purifier will be turning on, and the air in my home will be fresh and clean.

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