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I honestly believe that the air conditioner is among the most important appliances that you get for your home.  You need to take special care when you choosing the proper air conditioner. I never really considered how important the AC was when I was living in an apartment.  I would turn it on, and let it on until it was no longer needed. After I bought my home, it was a different situation. The air conditioner not only cools your air, but it also gets your air clean.  The air quality of your home can affect the cleanliness, by allowing a lot of dust born allergens and contaminants in the air. Your air conditioner can remove these . The odor that come from inside the house and outside, can be eliminated with the proper air conditioning system.  After moving into my home, I noticed a lot of dust in the air, and i read that you needed to change your air filters. I not only figured out how to change the air filters, but I cleaned the coils. I went on to read about air purifiers which are installed right into the air conditioner.  Whenever the air conditioner runs, the air purifier is running and it cleans the air, so your air quality is pristine. I went right out and I bought an air purifier at the local home store. It took me less than an hour to install it, and it is one of the smartest things I have ever done.  My home is comfortable, and I am aware that it is because of my air conditioning system.

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