Completing the chores

I don’t get a lot of free days, and when I do, I have my list of chores all ready.  I always cut the grass, I scrub the rugs, and I change the air filters in the HVAC system.  I believe that my HVAC system is probably the most important on my list of chores. I guess this is why it is right at the top of my list.  I regularly change the air filters, and I clean the coils every so often. This is something that they recommend everyone do on a regular basis.  If you don’t clean the coils, they can gather a lot of dirt and dust. This dust and dirt can be sent out into the air you breathe, even if you have changed the air filters.  The air filters and the coils work together to give you great air quality. I also check the compressor because I have had some trouble with it in the past. I need to see if there is anything going on that may make it necessary to have it replaced in the future.  I like to be on top of things so I’m not take by surprise with sudden emergency HVAC calls. I really hate it when I come home to an air conditioning or heating situation and my home isn’t comfortable. I don’t like being in a position where they can hold your HVAC equipment hostage until you pay their extremely high fees.  The chores I do aren’t fun, but they are necessary. It keeps my home clean and healthy, and I have a perfectly air conditioned home to come home to after a long, hot day.

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