I am disappointed

I don’t very seldom get a lot of time off, but when I have several days in a row, I take advantage of it.  I make up a chore list of what I want done when I have time off, and I get it done. I was going to trim the shrubbery.  I had floors that needed sanded, and I wanted to clean the HVAC system. The air filters were changed regularly, but I wanted to clean the inside of the HVAC.  I knew I hadn’t checked the coils in quite sometime, and no matter how many times I change the air filters, if the coils aren’t clean, you will still have dust and dirt blowing out into the air.  Dust and dirt doesn’t just accumulate on the air filters, but it can also get stuck on the coils. I also checked the compressor while I was inside the HVAC. If there was a possible problem that would cause the compressor to need to be replaced, I wanted to be aware of it.  I like to always be on top of what could happen when it comes to the HVAC. If you aren’t aware, then at some really inopportune time, you may go to turn on the air conditioning, and it won’t be working. Then you are stuck dealing with a HVAC company that may be less than reputable.  Knowing that my home is in good shape means that when I sit down to relax after a long day at work, I have no worries, but I will have good air conditioning.

HVAC installation 

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