A great weekend job

I love when I finally get a long weekend and I can tackle the home chores that I have on my list.  Ultimately I begin with the HVAC unit chores. I want to make sure the air filters are changed. I also have cleaning the coils on that list.  I learned a long time ago that cleaning the coils was as important as changing the air filters. There is dust and debris that can get trapped on the coils.  If the coils aren’t cleaned, the clean air filter alone can’t stop the debris from getting into the air. You really have to have the coils cleaned too. I think that a well operating HVAC unit is one of the main appliances in your home, so I try to take care of mine.  After I change the air filters and clean the coils, I check the compressor. If the compressor goes out, you need to have a new one installed, and this can be very expensive. If you are aware that there could be a problem, you can plan for the added expense. After I have my HVAC taken care of, then I pitch in and I finish the other chores on my list.  I usually have some kind of lawn work on there, and some odds and end chores that I have ignored in the house. Then, I can sit down and relax with the air conditioning, knowing that I have done a good job this weekend. I just have a good feeling about what all I had accomplished, and resting with the AC blowing on me becomes a kind of reward.

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