Sitting back and enjoying things

I have a list of chores that I keep just for when I have a couple of days off.  I like to do my lawn care when I have two days off. I make sure I redo my carpeting, and then I do my HVAC system.  I take the time to not just change the air filters, but I get right down in and I clean. I make sure my air vents are cleaned, and the air ducts get cleaned out.   I also inspect the coils to make sure there is no dust or dirt build up on them. Even though you have new air filters in the air conditioning, if you don’t have the coils cleaned well, you can still get dirt and debris into your breathing air.  I also like to check out my compressor. In the past, I have had problems with the compressor, and it can be a very expensive fix. If I am aware that I may have a problem, then it is not as much of a shock. I will check my compressor to see if I may have a problem that could lead to its needing to be replaced.  This makes it so much easier to start saving for the repair. It is a good feeling to be able to sit back when you are done with these chores. You can feel the cooling air of the air conditioning and know that it is working so well, because you have done a good job with your maintenance. It give me peace of mind.

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