It’s relentless in here

My wife and I have always told our daughters, that they can do anything that they put their mind out to accomplish. When our oldest daughter Jennifer told us that she was thinking about going to technical school instead of college, both of us were very surprised and happy. Jennifer had always been very good with her hands, and we both thought she would excel at some type of Hands-On career. Jennifer had been visiting with the career counselor at school, and she was one of the only female applicants for the HVAC program. My wife and I were proud to see her stick it out, even though a lot of the men in the HVAC program seemed to give her a hard time. She studied relentlessly for 12 long months, and graduated at the top of her HVAC technical class. Two weeks after graduating with her certification in HVAC Sciences, my daughter received a lucrative offer from one of the large HVAC providers in the city. She accepted the position and moved into the city. My daughter has been with that company for 6 years now, and she is in charge of her own staff of 10 employees. She really made a career of her own, when she decided to attend HVAC technical school. There aren’t a lot of women who attend these types of classes, so it’s nice to see someone follow their dreams. Jennifer encourages a lot of young women to follow their dreams, especially if they are looking to get into a career like heating or cooling repair and installation.

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