What a good time

I love our neighborhood, but I hate how bad the traffic is in the afternoon.  I love my job, but I hate having to come home in that traffic, in the afternoon.  The only thing that makes the trip bearable, is knowing that I have a great air conditioning system to keep me cool.   My job is less than five miles away from our home, and yet it takes well over half an hour to get home because I have to travel the interstate and the expressway to get home.  I don’t know why they call it the expressway, because nothing is moving quick. Last week, was a horrible experience. It took me over two hours of sitting in traffic to go about one half mile.  When we got to the problem, there had been a major pile-up, so I understand the problem, but it didn’t make the situation any easier for me. I spent the last hour sitting in the traffic without any air conditioning.  I thought maybe it was just because I was idling most of the time, but when I started to move a bit, the air conditioning still wasn’t working. It was over 100 degrees, I was stuck in a car, and I was watching as life flight took several people to the nearest hospital.  When I finally got out of the traffic, I stopped at the first service station that I came to, that offered AC service. There was no way I was going to face traffic without air conditioning on my next work day.

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