A newer heater

My brother has always been the type of person to offer you the shirt off of his back. He never fails to be helpful to others in need, even if they are complete strangers. Every time we see someone who seems to be down on his luck, he does anything possible to brighten their afternoon. My brother is such a great guy, and there just are not many people like him out there. My brother found his calling working away on commercial heating, ventilation, and A/C systems. He finished technical university when I was still in the second grade. He has been working on various furnace and A/C repairs for the last couple of years. So, when my wife and I needed a modern HVAC unit, my brother provided help to us. He would happily provide us with a new HVAC unit in exchange for his favorite supper. While we still had to pay for the furnace itself, my brother was going to get a sizable company discount on the item. Both of us saved about more than two hundred dollars on the HVAC unit, and another sizable chunk on the replacement fees. It really only cost me an afternoon in the kitchen for it to be complete. I happily prepared dinner while my brother and brother in law installed the modern HVAC unit. It took less than an hour to get everything set up and working. When they finally finished installing our HVAC unit, we enjoyed a few bottles of wine and a great mexican dinner together.

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