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When I decided to purchase a small condo to vacation in during the summertime, I was not aware of the problems I would run into. The condo was cheap because it had been vacant for over five years. A friend of mine had inherited the condo from his parents, though he had not been planning on moving in. Instead, he decided to sell it to me at a discounted price when I mentioned looking for a place to stay during the summer. So for less than the price of a typical minivan, I was able to purchase a quaint two bedroom two bath condo. The property was located about fifteen miles on the outskirts of town. I knew immediately that some repairs would be necessary in order to make the condo perfect. First I had to pay to repair the leaky roof and pipes. After that, I had to buy a new well pump in order for the water to work. The largest expense was the air conditioning system. The condo did not have any air ducts for a central air conditioning system. The air conditioning provider gave me a list of a few alternatives. I chose to install a mini-split HVAC system. The mini-split HVAC system will look like a traditional window air conditioning unit because It is about the same shape plus size. The main difference between the mini-split air conditioning device and a traditional HVAC system is the lack of air ducts. The new device is more energy efficient while maintaining a sleek design and quiet function.

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