A very hot kitchen

My first internship was quite the experience. At the age of sixteen, my parents decided that it was time for me and my twin brother to get experience outside the apartment in order to prepare ourselves for the physical and financial demands of college. I agreed since I had been wanting to experience in the food industry anyway. I applied at many ethnic food places, many of them accepted my applications. I chose to job at a local southern style steakhouse simply because they paid the most and offered flexible hours. It was certainly an great experience. I started  working in January, and didn’t have any problems or complaints with the job. It wasn’t until mid June that my twin as well as I observed a complication with the control unit. Since it was June, the weather was pretty warm, as well as the restaurant was simply getting too hot. However my twin as well as I both tried to turn down the control unit, but it did not help. The temperature remained hot. My twin and I asked another co-worker to check it out because both of us knew he had some experience with Heating as well as Air Conditioning. He couldn’t figure out what was wrong, but he was able to call our manager, so he could come over to check it out.  By the time he got there, it felt like an oven in the entryway and the entire store. Our manager was surprised by how unbearably sizzling hot it was in the entire place. He had an Heating and Air Conditioning professional at the shop within thirty minutes. Thankfully, the Heating and Air Conditioning professional was able upgrade the control component as well as repair the problem. The manager apologized for the trouble both of us had to endure and promised it would never happen again. I will never forget that first June at the steakhouse as well as just how miserable it was.

longs heat and AC 

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