I was offered a joke

My loving mother is the kindest, most generous woman you’ll ever meet.  She is always donating her time and energy to ensure that her family and anyone else that she comes in contact have everything that they need! In the past three months, my Dad’s health has suffered due to an accident, and unfortunately, he had to retire early.   He loved his work as a chef, however he physically can’t do it anymore. Of course, my dear mother cheerfully volunteered that she would find work in order to bring in some money for them. Even though my Dad hated the idea of his wife needing to work while he stayed home sick, he knew there simply wasn’t any other possibilities for them.   My loving mom started finally working for an insurance business, and it suits her entirely. She brings pleasure to all the people she talks to, and he co-workers call her “glee” because of how much like she gives to all the people around her. As usual, my mother doesn’t complain to me or anyone else about any situations at her new job. However, my Dad said that she did mention one thing that bothered her at work. He told me that my Mom said that she stayed warm at work.  Apparently, the AC just didn’t keep it cool enough in her office. Her office is on the second floor of a two story building. The AC from the first floor just doesn’t cool the air upstair. I knew my mom would never mention the AC not being sufficient to his manager, so I took the liberty to buy his a small window equipment that he could put in his office. My hubby installed it the next day, and now my sweet mother has a cool office space to job in.

air conditioner tune-up 

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