I wasn’t sure what to do

So over the past couple of weeks, we have had some legitimately hot weather in the region where we live.   The temperatures have been way above normal for this time of year and so we had to beginning running our A/C system much more earlier than we normally would.  Usually, we try to endure some of the hot weather just so that we can save money on our A/C and utility bills. It’s costly to keep our cabin cool because it’s not actually well insulated and it’s also over  forty years old and fairly large. Mainly, I believe that all of the conditioned air just goes right out the window! Or it’s more likely that the cool air goes through the cracks in the door frames in our dining room and patio doors.   Our exterior doors are legitimately old and they have not held up well over the years. You can absolutely know that the outside cold air is pouring through them into the cabin while in the winter season. So I guess it only makes sense that the cold air from inside the cabin pours out through the cracks while in the summer season! I keep telling my husband that if he would just save up enough cash for us to get more than one new, well-insulated entry doors for our house, it would absolutely make up for the money spent on our A/C bills in the summer season and our gas furnace bills in the winter season. He just doesn’t want to spend any money on replacing the doors though.  This year, the doors have gotten so bad that I’ve started putting tape over the cracks to try and help with the insulation!


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