I am going to just crank the AC

The other day, I had to take a trip to the post office to deliver a package, and I took my kids along for the ride, thinking it would be a quick stop and go. Well, when I got inside, there was a terribly long line. I could see that this site was severely understaffed, because there were only two people taking care of waiting customers. It seemed like I would never reach the front. But the thing that bothered me the most was the complete lack of air conditioning in the building. Someone else in line asked why it was so miserably hot & they said that their HVAC system was broken. They said that there was an HVAC repairman that should be arriving soon. I was so tempted to just forget it and be on my way & go back another time, but I absolutely had to get that package out. I was returning a car part I purchased. The car part happened to be a new air conditioning compressor. When I took my car to the shop, they told me it was the wrong part & they ended up using one of their parts, so it cost extra. I was out of a lot of money because I had purchased the wrong part, so I needed to get that money back for it. In the post office, all they had was ceiling fans blowing, but even with that I could hardly even feel any air currents in there. We were roasting to death & I felt very sorry for my kids. They were quite uncomfortable waiting in that line however they did try to make the best of it. They were joking a little bit but I could tell they were not having the best time. Finally when I got out of there, I just cranked the air conditioning in the car & we left for home as we got air conditioned relief.

A/C service planĀ 

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