I don’t get this guy

I recently had to replace my gas furnace. Lucky for me, my neighbor is a Heating & A/C professional. So, I contacted him the other day to have him take a look at it & supply me with a quote. I didn’t expect him to supply me any kind of discount, as I know he needs to make a living. I told him that he can charge me with an honest price. I’d just rather supply him with business instead of a corporation to do the job. I have a pretty wonderful relationship with my neighbor so I figured I could trust him to do the job in a timely fashion & for an honest price. I guess gas furnaces can be quite valuable, so I was ready to drop a few thousand dollars on a current one. He came over the other day & after looking at my setup in the basement for about 20 minutes, he wrote up a quote for $7300!  I was expecting something more along the lines of $4-5,000. He explained to me that the higher cost was mainly due to the way my basement was set up & that also, I could take advantage of rebates from the government since the appliance was more energy efficient. I said okay & that both of us could schedule something for the end of next week… I was still shocked by the price so I called another Heating & A/C company just to get another quote. After they came out to look at the gas furnace, they said they could make the replacement for $4500 because of how simple it would be to install. They also had no information about government rebates for that type of gas furnace. So, now I am miserable & confused & am not sure how to confront my neighbor about this situation.  

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