Listening to some music

A good friend of mine recently asked me to come and see him record some songs in a professional studio.He loves to play music and he was a good friend of mine with great talent so I was only too happy to accompany him. I had heard him before and was quite impressed. It seems that the studio that he booked did not have very good climate control, though. it was quite hot and humid in the A/C didn’t feel like it was on at all. I asked someone to adjust the thermostat and turn the air on and they said that the HVAC in the studio was busted. He informed me that a repairman was coming later that day. I wondered why they hadn’t told me in my friend about this A/C problem so that we could reschedule the recording session for another date. The man informed me that they were booked solid for quite some time and he didn’t want my friend to miss out on this opportunity to record just because of a broken A/C. I thought that perhaps the oppressive heat in the studio would affect my friends performance negatively, but I was quite wrong. He sounded absolutely great and I told him so when he was finished saying it was the best performance I had heard from him yet. He confided in me that part of the reason that he got it so good the first time is that he wanted to nail it once really well so that we could leave the hot studio as soon as possible !

HVAC maintenance planĀ 

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