This is quite the radiant system

After dating my guy for over a year, we started talking about buying a home.  His dream had constantly been to own a log cabin. He absolutely loved the outdoors, including fishing and gardening. The plan of being surrounded by wood inside his own living space seemed only natural! The typical hunters lodge wasn’t what he had in mind.  There wasn’t going to be any moose heads hanging on the walls or bear skin carpets in front of a stone fireplace! He wanted to take more of a modern approach to the log lake house lifestyle which included the heating and cooling system. Instead of fur on the floor, we wanted to learn more about having radiant floors, with using a radiant floor gas furnace.  The information that we found about radiant floor heating promoted it as a more energy efficient and silent way to heat your home. The heat is emitted from the floors evenly, the heat rises and heats the room without blowing air as with the forced air systems. Initially, the radiant floor plan will cost us more money than the traditional gas furnaces. However since the radiant floor plan is more energy efficient, we will see savings over the life of the gas furnace, then radiant floor heating offers electric or hot water gas furnaces.  The electric heating plan has cables embedded in thin mats that can be installed under tile, laminate floors and engineered wood. The water radiant plan uses heated water circulating through tubing. The tubing is embedded in mortar or thick plywood subfloors to hold the tubing in locale. Both of us decided to use the electric radiant heating plan to warm our modern log cabin.

heated flooring 

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