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About four years ago, my hubby and I had a house fire.  It took several weeks to get our home livable again, and this included the daunting task of buying new furniture and drapery for all of the rooms, as well as all new bedding.  I was trying to find a recliner for my hubby, that was as close to the one we had in the old house, but that was starting to be a dead end search. I talked to one furniture store owner who told me that if I could find the pattern I wanted, he would have the chair custom built for me. It was kind of fun, seeing everything come together, but the recliner no longer matched the rest of my new furniture. I didn’t mind, but some of the people who came to our housewarming party had a real problem with it.  I was hoping for that classic look, but it became more of a desert eclectic feel. Nothing seemed to match, but everything came together nicely. We had bay windows in every room, that had the most appealing views, and I wanted the window treatments to suit the feel of the room and the view. The only window that was difficult to finish, was the window that faced the roadway. My hubby found a set of drapery that had colors that complimented the entire view. There were reds, browns, and greys that blended appealingly, and my room was a soft beige, with dark wood flooring.  It easily was quite appealing when we got done with it all.

jocelyn sofa 

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