The cost of this system is immense

As a current homeowner, you are faced with a ton of challenging decisions… Picking heating and cooling devices for a modern beach house is definitely one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever had to make. I am ready to spend thousands of dollars on this heating and cooling device and anticipate having it for at least 15 years. I actually can’t afford to choose the wrong type of system. I am assuming that a ductless mini-split system with a heat pump would be our best choice. That’s because all the people in our town seem to have that exact type of heating system in their dwelling. It seems to be much cheaper than using oil and there isn’t an air conditioning device already installed in the household. The people I was with and I use the heating unit a lot longer than we use the air conditioner. There isn’t any air ducts in the dwelling, however, it wouldn’t be very difficult to install air ducts because the attic can be accessed easily. So I am also considering Heating as well as A/C devices with air ducts. I’ve called a few Heating as well as A/C companies already to ask them questions about the various types of heating devices and their prices. They all seem to advocate a ductless mini-split system. However, the costs of replacement vary widely among each company and I’m not really sure why. I am tempted to just pick the cheapest Heating as well as A/C company and have the mini-split system installed not unlike our neighbor’s dwelling. I have been agonizing over this for weeks and I am just so tired of feeling so anxious about it. I believe I am just going to have to trust my initial instincts on this. I hope everything works out for me!

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