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By paying close attention to the bees in my backyard, I am able to make plans accordingly in any given week. I usually make an attempt to listen to them at least twice a week. I communicate my plans for the week, to which they typically provide sound advice – that is, if I listen! Most of my major home purchases have been good ones, thanks to the buzzing advice of the bees! Obviously they can’t speak in the same manner that we do. But once I learned to read the unique tones and pitches of their buzzing, the interpretation of those buzzes was easy. Experts claim that each bee has the intellectual capacity of a human child, so just imagine what that capacity is when multiplied by 500 bees! What a great natural source of wisdom! But I wondered if I was reading them right when recently they proposed that I purchase a new Heating and A/C system. In the past, I’ve found that their advice was a bit more practical. I’ll be the first to admit that climate control is very important to me; but as far as I knew – my existing system worked just fine. In fact, twice a year I always hire the best professional servicemen from our local heating and cooling business to inspect all of the system components and to clean out the HVAC ducts. As a result, I’ve been fairly confident that my Heating and A/C system will always pass the inspection with flying colors. But I do value the wisdom of the bees, so if a new climate control system was what they thought I should get, then who was I to argue with them? I soon began my search for a new heating and cooling system and visited my Heating and A/C dealer. I picked out the best, most powerful system available. Had I not listed to the bees, my previous system may have sufficed, but the new system is so much better! Many thanks to you, bees!

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