Trying to move my A/C

For the past several weeks, I noticed that our window A/C was leaking water from the front! After googling the concern for a while, my hubby determined that the A/C was clogged somewhere as well as the water condensation wasn’t able to drain properly in the back. We removed the A/C unit from the window as well as got to work on cleaning it out. My hubby unclogged as much dirt as well as debris as he could and also used the garden hose to clean out all of the different components of the A/C unit. It looked much cleaner after all that. I thought he was finished, but then, he said he watched some YouTube video about cleaning as well as unclogging window A/C’s and he wanted to try something else. He said that if you drill holes in certain places in the A/C unit, it will drain much better and we would no longer have this concern again. I didn’t honestly want him to be drilling holes in our A/C unit, although I let him do what he wanted. He seemed honestly gleeful about it! A little while later, he came in acting all sad. Apparently, he missed while he was drilling a hole as well as ended up cutting up a single of the lines in the A/C unit. Basically, he broke the entire unit. Now we wouldn’t be able to use the A/C unit at all. I suppose he had fantastic intentions, so I wasn’t honestly that mad, although I was a little sad because it was going to be tepid that particular evening. I am going to be up perspiring all night long until we find a current A/C unit.

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