I’m so cold right now

My husband and I had purchased tickets to this marriage conference a few week’s back. It was being held by a famous author who was also a legitimately wonderful marriage counselor… Every one of us were looking forward to this event so much! Ever since the two of us were first engaged, the two of us took advantage of every opportunity to safeguard our sacred marriage. It was the most crucial partnership in life, so it was vital to take good care of it. When the two of us arrived at the conference, the two of us noticed that the furnace was not working. Every one of us knew this because of a sign in the lobby that said, “Sorry, furnace out of order.” This furnace dilemma was pretty clear even separate from the sign. It felt as though the air conditioner was on full blast! The temperature outside was under 30 degrees, so I’m quite surprised they didn’t postpone the conference because of the malfunctioning Heating and A/C device. If it was left up to me, I would have went back to the beach house and sat in my nice comfy living room with the furnace on full crank. My husband, however, wanted to stay anyway. We managed to make our own makeshift “furnace” by staying close and snuggling up as the two of us listened to the speakers. It’s funny how things sometimes work out like that. The furnace concern legitimately helped build closeness in all the couples who attended this amazing event. If you looked around, the two of us weren’t the only couples that made a makeshift “furnace.” Every couple was snuggling up close to one another. It ended up being entirely romantic, despite the broken furnace. What a fabulous time!

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