When did it get so dusty?

Everyone who lives in a home or apartment knows what a thermostat is, but what about a humidistat? The humidistat can be very good for improving a home’s ability to cool off during a tepid humid Summer afternoon, or warm up on a cold Winter’s afternoon, however ideally, someone would buy a two-in-one component for controlling both the temperature and the humidity of the house, then having the thermostat and humidistat combined into a single interface reduces the need for more than a single control device thermostat, and also allows the system to task and work more efficiently as a single program controls the temperature and humidity. In my case, I have a smart thermostat that I can control from my PC and my laptop. It’s cheap for the honestly cold days, when I first wake up and take a warm shower to warm myself up, then before I hop in the shower, I use my PC to increase both the temperature and the humidity, which allows the house to get warm much faster than if the cabin were full of dry air. I love living in such a technologically advanced age, even though I wonder – in twenty years, what will all of us have to control the heating and A/C in our homes? It can be mind boggling to even think of what lays ahead. But whatever happens, I will always love my humidistat!

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