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We all rented a wonderful beach house last summer. One of the biggest perks was that the beach home also had a great central a/c, it was great to come in from a day of fun in the sun and feel the comfortable cool air inside the house, then for a month the we relaxed in our little spot of heaven with great weather plus indoor air conditioning for comfort both inside and out, but one day we awoke to the home feeling warmer than usual.  I went to the control unit to check the settings wondering if one of the boys had changed it. But all I found was the thermostat set normal plus the central air conditioner not functioning. I waited a bit after turning the thermostat off then on, however nothing happened. I called the manager of the property and reported the outage. I was assured they would get a Heating and Air Conditioning repair guy out just as soon as possible, we went about our somewhat lazy day enjoying as much of the beach and ocean as possible. About midday I noticed the Heating and Air Conditioning van pull into our driveway.  I let the repairman into the home and showed him the control equipment plus the Heating and Air Conditioning room. Within about an hour he had repaired the air conditioning and the great cool air was streaming from the air vents once again. Our almost perfect vacation was back on track to enjoy sun, ocean plus a comfortable home.

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