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My hubby is a lawyer for crime. At times, this can get to be a dangerous job. One time, one of my hubby’s disgruntled customers came to our house and threatened our whole family.  Suddenly all of us didn’t feel safe in our own home. We decided to build a safe house to supply all of us a refuge in case of future threats. One of my hubby’s troubles in building the safe house was how to maintain the air quality inside the place. He considered just including it on the house’s Heating and Air Conditioning system however decided on using a mini split zoned system with a power back-up that looked appreciate an outside A/C unit. This was if a perpetrator would split the power in order to flush us out of the safe room, we would be safe and have a good air quality control. My hubby hired a local company who specialized in safe house rooms and made them sign an agreement that warned them with fear of lawsuit if they divulged to anyone any information about our safe house. The house was quietly built in the center of our home so that it would be close to us no matter where all of us were when danger struck. We have not had any further threats,  however at least now all of us have a safe place to hide should we be threatened.

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