Why is he so happy?

My brother never really cared about having a career, just trying to make money to survive. He had been working at a factory for many years. Pretty sad, honestly. So, one day we were at a family gathering at my grandparent’s house and after dinner, my grandma came out and gave him a page from the local paper. She did not say a word, just handed it to him and went back to the kitchen. My brother studied it for a long time, then he folded it up and put it in his jeans pocket, and later I asked our Grandma what was in the newspaper she provided to my brother. She told me that it was an announcement that a local heating and cooling company was looking for like-minded workers to begin a work course in Heating and Air Conditioning. She thought it would be perfect for my brother. And I agreed. I went back to myjob and my brother and I did not see each other for a few weeks. One day he called me and asked if I would come to his graduation. I was stunned. He was graduating from a specialized course for Heating and Air Conditioning workers. Of course I went to the graduation, but my brother was smiling like I have never seen him smile.  He had started on his way to a work that he would love. You know, it’s about time he did something with his life! I’m very happy for him! I wish him the very very best!

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