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A long time ago when I first started in business we had a room full of old style PC’s. The room got very very hot because of the heat coming from the fans of the PC’s, so we had to get window air conditioning units to cool the room off. The window air conditioner looked like a robot from a syfy movie & all of us had to vent the unit out into the warehome which was behind the office where the PCs were housed. Our landlord was even happy a bit that the unit would help cool the warehouse a bit in the summer. From the day all of us installed our simple & cheap air conditioner for the computer room, it worked & kept the PCs cool all year round. Our electric bill went up some however our laptop troubles dropped by 64%. Well that was 25 years ago & now my company has a big laptop room that takes up about 1001 square feet. The PCs are much smaller & infinitely more powerful than they were back then.  Now all of us have a specialized air conditioner system just for the laptop room with excellent air filtration & keeps the room at about 57 degrees & dust free, and the one thing that hasn’t changed is that PCs still put out a lot of heat & need to be kept cool.

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