This is not clean

Working in a grocery store was great and positive and yet awful experience. I liked operation the cash registers. It was self-explanatory and quite simple. I learned all the produce codes and eventually got to know everyone that worked with me. I learned what was in each and every aisle. I also knew which of the coupons worked for the month as well as what which of them did not. It was fairly self-explanatory going and it paid decently well, however the absolute worst party was how dirty the grocery store. That grocery store somehow passed health codes, which I find amazing. The aisle floors always had dirt on them. The shelves were so unbelievably dusty that your hands would turn black when you put new products out. The worst by far was our cooling system. The A/C plan in the store was mounted high on the wall of the store. The a/c unit had dusty cobwebs all over it. The air vents on the device were coated in so many layers of dust. Then the cooling system’s air would blow through the the same gross vents! Can you imagine how terrible the indoor air quality must have been? The store must have been a cesspool of nasty bacteria… How horrible is that? When I worked there I tried to keep the a/c clean. I would scrub it thoroughly when I had time, but, that was all I could do while I still had to watch the register. I never once saw a Heating & A/C corporation scrub the device; Also since I left, I never saw anyone else scrub it, and who knows what happened to the A/C system.

air quality system 

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