I did a great installation

I recently bought a heat pump system for my house… Sadly, my partner is particularly busy with work right now, so I told him that I would do the A/C and Heating upgrade on my own, and originally both of us agreed to buy the heat pump as a team to install the equipment as a couple. My partner is too swamped at work. So I am left alone to figure out this complex Heating upgrade, how hard is a heat pump upgrade? I really hope it is not too bad. From what I gathered the heat pump is a section of an underground loop system. It seems the indoor as well as the outdoor unit connect through this. The outdoor unit is outside in the turf while the indoor unit is a wall mounted unit in your home. They need to be within a fifty foot range in order to work with each other… Because how a heat pump system works is through moving the heat energy in your air, if you want heating, the heated air outside is pushed to your indoor unit. If you want cooling, that heat energy is then pushed outside to the outdoor unit. So they need to be close but still connected to do this; Easier said than done in my opinion. I am not handy in this knowledge anyway. I also tend to get frustrated quite easily. It will be a miracle if I don’t cut our current system entirely. I have contemplated calling an HVAC business to have them just just do it for me. I can lie to my partner if I have to about the heat pump upgrade. I am not above that.

HVAC installation 

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