I spent way too much money

My husband is always a hot box. What I mean by that is he is always hot no matter what the weather’s like outside. We had a blizzard last year, and the temperatures ended up being almost below zero. My husband tried to turn off our heat because of how hot he felt. It was 65 in our house (with the heat on)!!! I couldn’t believe it. Ever since our son came into this world, we had to start keeping the home warmer than we typically did before. My husband would try to set our house cooler in the winter months, but our son would always wake in the middle of the night because he has been so cold. I didn’t mind having our house warmer because It made me feel extra cozy, but my better half would non-stop complain about the idea. We often got into fights about what temperature should be set at. After I was venting to his friend about our situation, he had told me to call our local HVAC company and ask about a zoned temperatures control system. Zoned temperature control is is amazing, it can change between different rooms of your property to be cooler or warmer than the others. This means that my hubby could have his rooms (living room and bedroom) cooler in comparison to the baby’s room! We could set the baby’s room to be warm enough so he doesn’t wake up part way through the night because he is normally cold. The technician talked me into splurging and having it installed into our house. Now i most certainly will have a happy husband, and a happy baby! Which means momma is happy too.

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