A/C and air ducts

My spouse and I have lived in our house for over 7 years. We like it so much! The idea of relocating is something we never want to do, because the school district, the area and neighbors are all amazing. We plan on having children one day and all of them are important for a family. Our home is definitely roomy for the us two, but we really want to have kids someday. I thought that the summer was the perfect time to make some changes to the house, especially since I could be without a kitchen and we could cook outside on the grill. We knew we wanted to help get updates on the existing kitchen in addition to put on two extra rooms. These rooms would be set for bedrooms once the kiddos came along. Our current HVAC system includes a furnace for the winter and window air conditioners for the hot summers. We don’t have existing ductwork so we desired to avoid the mess of that whole installation. We decided to explore our options for our brand-new rooms. We called our local HVAC company to ask some questions. The HVAC technician said if you have a ductless HVAC system, it would work great with the new rooms. Ductless units need a very small hole to be drilled in one wall. They are less visible and not nearly as loud either. This technology is quite fuel efficient and low maintenance, so of course we liked the idea involving both. We thought that this was a good idea, and scheduled an appointment to the local HVAC company to do the installation once the additions were accomplished.

ductless A/C 

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