I really don’t agree with this guy

I’m a sucker for how technology is constantly increasing and changing! It only keeps getting bigger and better. I usually can’t wait to find what comes out next. I am always keeping up to date with all the latest technology and my business is pretty good at learning new methods to work new things. Explaining to my mother or grandmother tips on how to use the latest smart phone or computer app is one thing, but learning for myself is normally fun and comes naturally! My husband and I are currently in the process of building our first home together. We get to choose everything! The floors, carpets, boxes, paint and furniture, we choose it all. It can be so much fun. A new thing I have discovered been introduced to is a smart thermostat. I’ve never learned about it before so I was informed by a technician at our local HVAC store to spell out to what all it doesl. A smart thermostat is a device you can use with home automation and is accountable for the controlling of a home’s heating together and/or AC. They perform the same functions as the programmable thermostat and they enable the user to control the temperature of their home in daytime using a schedule, as well as setting a unique temperature at night. You can adjust the temperature settings from an internet-connected device like a tablet, all while sitting right on the couch! I was so amazed at what all this smart thermostat is able to do! I fell in love super fast. I convinced my husband that we should get this installed into our home! It wasn’t easy but luckily he reluctantly agreed. I just can’t wait for it.

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