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I am a third year student enrolled in a technical program at a large university.  The department is well-known for its requirement that students intern with a local company in their tech department.  Since my background is in website development, I volunteered to help with the website of a large Heating and Air Conditioning company. Since the owners of the company were not familiar with website technology, I was asked to completely redesign their website.  I definitely was nervous due to the fact that I knew absolutely nothing about the heating and cooling industry.  The owners provided me with some information, and I ended up doing a significant amount of research on the web.  I was surprised to learn that there were so many different several types of heating and cooling systems on the market.  And the history of how the industry had evolved was fascinating.  I looked into adaptable speed technology, which allows the Heating and Air Conditioning unit to adjust usage according to demand, operating anywhere from forty to one hundred percent capacity.  The unit requires far less energy when operating at lower speeds, not to mention the fact that it’s much more economical and environmentally friendly.  Another amazing fact that I learned was that geothermal heating and cooling units are able to use free energy stored underground, leading to 400% energy efficiency.   There are now smart thermostats that not only allow one to access the system via the internet, but also have a memory that is used to adjust operation from previous behavior.  There’s a thermostat program in the unit that cycles on a seven-day pattern, automatically adjusting its operation to minimize energy consumption.  By the internship’s completion, I was far more knowledgeable in the heating and cooling industry, not to mention the fact that I hope to be hired in the HVAC industry after graduation.

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