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I recently attended an outdoor birthday party  in the middle of December.  I will admit that the setting was very beautiful.  The strings of little blue twinkle lights plus bouquets of red roses looked amazing with the snow as a backdrop.  The birthday girl  walked down a red carpet plus all here best friends wore red dresses.  The family of the birthday girl had rented a whole bunch of outdoor gas furnace lamps, which were located around the seating area, to help keep the guests warm.  While the space gas furnaces helped, it wasn’t enough to combat the freezing frigid rapidly changing temperatures.  Sitting on a frigid metal chair had me shivering uncontrollably.  I was glad that the outdoor part of the party was brief, plus the reception was held in an indoor location.  When every one of us headed inside, all the people expected the location to be nice and warm.  Every one of us were all looking forward to taking off our coats plus gloves, plus feeling comfortably warm.  Unfortunately, there was a malfunction with the location’s oil furnace and frigid air was pouring from the supply vents.  After some discussion with the management, a HVAC contractor was called for emergency service.  Unfortunately, every one of us were left without heat until the heating professional arrived ands was able to complete the repairs.  To help compensate for the lack of a working gas furnace, the family of the birthday girl opened up the bar plus started the dancing a bit early.  This undoubtedly helped to make every happy.  It was still a relief when the HVAC contractor was able to get the furnace running officially.  Once there was hot air pouring from the supply vents, the location heated up very quickly.  

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