Portable air conditioning units

Because I live in the northern-most part of the country, the winter weather is the greatest concern.  I have spent a fortune on a powerful and energy efficient furnace to combat the very cold temperatures.  I operate the furnace for the majority of the year, and there’s no need for a central cooling system.  The summertime season usually only lasts several months, but the temperature can climb into the mid eighties and the humidity can be oppressive.  It is impossible to relax or get a comfortable night’s sleep in an overheated and sticky house.  Opening windows isn’t satisfactory to give relief, and allows inside a great deal of dust, pollen and even bugs.  Portable fans are helpful, but don’t actually cool the air.  Fans simply blow the warm air around, which stirs up dust and tends to aggravate my asthma.  I have solved the demands of summertime temperature control by investing in several portable a/cs.  Portable a/cs are not that expensive, and are available at nearly every big box hardware store.  The units are compact, lightweight, and not unappealing.  It is simple to install the a/c into the window, and I can handle the task in under an hour.  During the fall and Winter, I store the portable cooling units in the attic.  Every Spring, I haul the a/cs down the stairs, plug them in, and start them up.  They feature a cordless remote which makes adjustments convenient and simple.  I like that the a/cs drown out the sound of traffic, chirping birds, and lawn mowers.  They actively filter the air, removing contaminants and improving cleanliness.  I find that I don’t need to dust and vacuum as often once the a/cs are installed.


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