Light air filters

Do you have a grocery store close to home? I bet you can visit it almost whenever you want, and they have all types of food and drink along with other comforts as well, like toilet paper, toothpaste, and medicine… It’s not really a big deal, because it’s something they have in every city. That’s what I used to think, too! Then I got moved to a remote research station a hundred miles from nowhere. It has totally changed my mind about  the theory of supply and demand. I have to drive half an hour to get to the closest store, which is a tiny air conditioned building that is a restaurant, a store, and a gas station! Because they are so remote, they have to pay extra shipping, so all of their prices are not nearly as cool as their AC system and a gallon of milk costs eight bucks! A loaf of bread costs three, and if you want to order air filters it takes 2 weeks to get them plus they cost fifty bucks each. It seems to be a scam and a ripoff, however then I looked into having the air filters shipped to me directly and the cost was far too high, so ended up continuing to make the drive to the air conditioned store. Yesterday when the AC broke down in the research building, I drove to the store just so I could get out of the heat and into the cool air of the AC for a bit.

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