Cooling problems in our home

Being a landlord is a thankless task… I’m not some faceless millionaire who owns a town block. I am a businessman and an investor, who over the years has come into a handful of nice rental properties. Once I say I’m a landlord, though, people assume I’m some greedy jerk! However, I absolutely adore our tenants and our houses and I want them all to be as nice as possible! And if anything goes wrong, I have no one else to rely on but myself to resolve all the issues. I have a few specialists I keep on speed dial for emergency services —  like when there is a plumbing flood! Or when someone’s Heating and Air Conditioning breaks down, however, you won’t even believe some of the problems I have to deal with, and many of them can be taken care of with regular Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance. That’s why all of our houses are signed up for a twice yearly inspection, once for the cooling system, and once for the heating. That way I can know that at least the air filters are being changed twice a year. Air filters should be changed out once a month, however I can’t get our renters to do it! Since I started these Heating and Air Conditioning service plans, I have seen a noticeable drop in the number of heating and cooling problems in the houses. The renters even mentioned they have seen a drop in their weekly energy bills, all thanks to their Heating and Air Conditioning systems now working at peak efficiency in the houses. I tell you, the Heating and Air Conditioning yearly service plans actually pay for themselves.


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