There’s so many vampires here

What is the strangest thing you’ve ever seen? Mine is a real doozy. I have to paint the picture for you, so let me start at the start; I run an after-hours emergency service business; My prices are a lot higher because I respond quickly and I work the times no one else wants to and that’s why people pay my high prices! So it’s hard work, plus it usually comes up in the dead of evening or on a major holiday. This call in  was both, it was 3am on New Year’s Eve and I got a call from someone hosting an event who was having an emergency with their AC system. I drove over ASAP to find a giant lake house behind a privacy fence, and when I met the host / owner, the man with the Heating plus A/C problem, he was dressed as a vampire. As he explained to me what was happening and led me to the AC equipment, I saw that everyone at the party was a vampire! It was a masked vampires’ ball for the new year. With no cooling system these overdressed and heavily made up vampires were starting to melt. I have to say, this was all so weird, seeing dozens of people with sharp teeth, capes, and fake-bloody mouths! But I remained focused on the Heating plus A/C complications and I finally got the system back up and running fairly swiftly. They might have looked weird, but all the fake vampires were nice to me and they gave me the biggest tip I’ve ever gotten on an AC service call before.

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