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My mother in law is moving in with us.  That’s right but, not panicking yet. While she is moving here to live with us, she will absolutely be living in our guest house.  The guest home was built in the fifties when our home was built. But, the main home has gone through a complete renovation with all the modern conveniences added.  The guest home was not so lucky. Rarely, does anyone absolutely stay out there. In fact, the area has become more storage arena than living quarters. That all changes certainly soon.  The main challenge is providing heating and cooling to the place. Both of us live in an section that sees the triple digit temperatures quite properly. So, I was perplexed with what to do for Heating and Air Conditioning.  I rang our local heating and cooling supplier for answers. A certified Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman showed up not long after to supply me some options. Using a window unit was out due to HOA rules. I entirely didn’t want to put in ductworks and a full central air system.  I was cheerful I called my Heating and Air Conditioning guy because he had the answer. The serviceman suggested I put in a mini-cut system. The main inside unit is mounted high on the most strategic exterior wall. The outside components are connected to the wall unit by tubes that connect to it through a small hole in the wall.  The entire installation takes less than a day. Additionally, no ductworks and the mini-cut heating and cooling unit is an energy miser. My mother in law will, at the certainly least, be cool in her new spot. I hope that makes her happy.

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