I know I can do better

I’m attempting to find a compromise on our temperature control for the house.  My hubby and son appreciate having the temperature control set so particularly low, that my daughter and I think all of us are almost on the North Pole.  Now, we’re not begging for the Sahara Desert, just a more comfortable climate control for each of us. That temperature control setting can be in the low to mid 70’s, but my hubby sets the temperature dial in the low 60’s.  Now, that’s just way too much cool air for my comfort. My sweet daughter wears gym clothes and a sweatshirt around the house, she has even taken to blocking the air conditioning vents in her room to keep that cold conditioned air from her.  It may take a lot of experimenting to reach a compromise, but I’m completely armed with research to show my hubby about the cost of these extremely low temperature control settings. Utility bills traditionally shoot up in the Summertime, but if I can show my hubby that raising the temperature control even just a single degree, all of us will save about 3 percent on our electric bill.  According to the Department of Energy, all of us could see a 3 percent savings for that 1 degree higher on the temperature control! I’m not so sure what the best temperature control setting will be for our home. I suppose it depends greatly on whether my hubby cares more about keeping cool, or saving money. I’m hoping these savings will sway him toward a decision to raise that temperature control a bit, at least for a some comfortable climate control for my daughter.

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