This air vent still works

One of my most hated things in life is sitting in traffic, and waiting in lines is bad, too. However there is something about being trapped in my car, unmoving, in a long line of other cars that just drives me mad. I have developed a very particular driving route to and from my work, simply to avoid the terrible traffic spots. I have to drive a few extra miles, so it doesn’t save any time, but however, simply not sitting in traffic is great for my blood pressure! But last week something unexpected happened which almost ruined my whole afternoon. If I wouldn’t have had a quality a/c plan in my car, things might have even turned out differently; you see, I usually don’t prefer to run my automobile AC at all, or as little as humanly possible. I like getting ventilation from fresh air at high speeds and it’s better than any air vent any afternoon of the week. But I still take the automobile in to have the AC checked out once every year or so, just to be safe. On nights like this I am just so happy that I did, because when sitting at a standstill I really have to have the A/C running or I will sweat myself to death! There was some sort of protest in town, plus many of the regular roads were closed, so I got stuck in a traffic jam. That A/C was the only thing keeping me (and others) alive. I had to stay here for an hour in that traffic and I even had my AC on max the whole time.

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