My friends are ready to go

My friends always like to golf when it’s summertime and I couldn’t hate i more.  Not to mention I’m terrible at it! But the problem is that when you go golfing, you need an even number of players or someone sits out.  I force myself to go so I’m not a spoil sport and inadvertently force a friend to sit out. But the entire outing lasts all day long, costs a fortune, and just isn’t fun. I somehow manage to get a nasty burn everytime on top of it.  I probably would like golf more if it didn’t involve being trapped in the hot sun all day long. Plus, when my buddies and I get out to the 12th hole we are no less than several miles away from the club and indoor AC. Being stuck far away from cooling, facilities, and cold drinks is beyond torture for me.  Then I’m forced to wear this golf outfit in 90 degree weather; I don’t care if it wicks away sweat, I want full AC in the golf cart or small climate controlled huts at each hole with toilets and cold drinks. I wouldn’t get so much sunburn and I might be less cranky by the day’s end. Being in the sizzling sun for 6 hours playing a sport I hate makes the experience terrible, so a few breaks and some AC would go a long way.  I would go with my friends, no questions asked, if the course had this setup.

indoor comfort 

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